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Creating awards for the Uwharrie Mountain Run

For the past 15 years, I have created unique pieces for awards to more than 400 runners who participate in the Uwharrie Mountain Run, held each February in Montgomery County. (Find more information on the run on my Links page.) Following is a description of this year's awards.

the awards

I hand-carved a stamp for this year's awards, creating a trail scene reminiscent of my experiences on the trail. I secured the stamp onto a paint roller and then secured that to a threaded rod next to my wheel. I pulled a cylinder of clay up on the wheel and then pulled the stamp over to the clay, then slowed the wheel enough to impress the stamp onto the clay.

the stamp


After making a numer of the awards and letting them dry a bit, I stamped the bottom edge with a "20-mile" or "40-mile stamp" and signed the bottom, "Uwharrie Mountain Run 2006." I also signed my name.


Here's a close-up of one of the pots completely dry.


After drying completely and bisque-firing (firing in my kiln to a low temperature), the pots were "washed" with a solution of red iron oxide and water.


Each piece is then wiped off so that the red iron stain highlights the impression.


Each piece is then glazed and fired in the kiln to maturity.

finished piece