I am always experimenting with different glazes and finishes. Here are a few of my most popular glazes.


I developed my southwestern glaze pattern about 20 years ago, using a mat turquoise as the base and blending several other glaze colors on top of the turquoise, leaving a little raw clay exposed. It's probably my most popular glaze.

Example of the Southwestern glaze

Southwestern glaze with a dot

Most of the pots glazed southwestern get a little white dot on the raw clay. People ask me, "why the dot?" and I say it reminds me of the moon.

Ash glaze

Ash glazes, sometimes called alkaline glazes, are possibly some of the first glazes ever used on pottery. They usually have a runny look to them, leaving behind rivulets of glaze. I use ashes from my former wood stove and add oxides such as iron and cobalt to some of my ash glazes.

Ash glaze

Celtic Green

My newest glaze actually uses the ash glaze on top of a chocolate brown glaze, creating a varied finish. I created the chocolate brown using rock dust from a local rock quarry. The ash on top of the chocolate brown turns the glaze into a beautiful green and brown glaze, matt and shiny, depending on the thickness of the glaze.

Celtic green glaze