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The making of a tree platter

I start with about 20 pounds of clay and run it through my slab roller until I form a large slab.

Step 1

I then lay my plaster form on top of the slab of clay and cut around the form. I flip it over and...

Step 2

...place it on my kick wheel so that I can work the clay into the shape of the form and add the spiral in the center.

Step 3

Next, I set the platter on my work surface and lightly mark off the pattern where I...

Step 4

...stamp the trees using a plaster wheel. Great care is taken in the placement of the trees...

Step 5

...so that the overall design takes shape and I don't smear previous stamping.

Step 6

Finally, I impress a tiny tree pattern into the rim of the platter using a smaller stamp.

Step 7